1975 Honda CB400f - cafe racer:


3-01-07:  Here is the bike as I put it in the front showroom for the winter of 2007:

  No seat yet.   I put the Honda Wings on the tank shortly after.


6-01-07:  Here is the latest build level prior to me selling it..



Here are shots of the CB400f racer I sold.  I sold it to a chap in California and it was sold recently to someone in Ohio only a year or so later!  The father of the owner contacted me to confirm that I was indeed the builder!   Here are some shots!


 cb400f-last-TN3  Here you see the new seat.

 cb400f-last-TN1  Here you see the new front fender.

cb400f-last-TN4  New oil cooler and Keihen CR carbs!  Oooh!

cb400f-last-TN2   cb400f-last-TN5  New gauges too!


Nice job!